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Creek Chub Jumbo Pikie #2300 Pike Pattern + Box/Insert/Tag

Creek Chub Jumbo Pikie #2300 Pike Pattern + Box/Insert/Tag

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Creek Chub Jumbo Pikie #2300 in Pike Pattern + Box/Insert/Tag

This Creek Chub Jumbo Pikie 2300 in Pike Pattern is a beauty. It is a wooden lure that is in great original condition! The 6 inch lure is one of the nicest I've come across since collecting vintage lures. Lure was meant to catch big predator fish like muskie, pike or whatever else wanted a BIG snack. There are little a little mark on side of lure and near head, but very minimal. The paint is original and in great condition (See Images). The hooks are still in great condition with little to no oxidation. It has its original box, paperwork and lure tag included.

I have been collecting for a long time now and built a very valuable collection. Will be listing some from time to time so keep an eye out. If you are a fishing lure enthusiast or collector you may want to follow our listings or save our store. We have several other lures listed and we do combine shipping! Thanks for viewing and purchasing, if you have any questions let me know.

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